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Large Animals

The veterinary team at our animal hospital serving the Rock Springs area is proud to be able to provide high-quality veterinary care for large animals, including sheep, goats and cattle including routine preventive care, injury treatment and surgical services.

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Quality Care for Large Animals

As a large animal owner, you need to make sure that your animals stay healthy. Our experienced vets are here to help, providing veterinary services for sheep, goats, cattle and more to ensure your large animal remains in good health and comfort.

Our services range from routine vaccinations and pre-purchase examinations to correcting reproductive issues, lameness exams and minor surgeries. 

Contact our veterinarians today for more information about our high quality and compassionate large animal veterinary services.

Veterinary Care For Large Animals, Rock Springs Animal Hospital

Experience in Large Animal Care

Our veterinarians in Rock Springs provide care with a careful eye on the safety and health of animals and their caretakers, whether they be producers, breeders or farmers.

Our services for large animals include:

  • Routine exams
  • Routine vaccines
  • Treatment for injuries
  • Pregnancy checks
  • Health certificates

We are also able to offer some dentistry services for large animals to preserve their oral health and well-being in addition to their overall wellness.

Mountainaire Animal Clinic's veterinarians are always here to provide guidance, advice and effective diagnostics and treatment.

FAQs about Large Animal Services

  • Which animals do you specialize in treating?

    We are able to offer veterinary services to treat cattle, goats, sheep and other large and farm animals.

  • What can I expect at an appointment for my large animal?

    When we conduct a physical examination of your large animal as part of our routine checkups, we will assess your animal's overall health.

    After conducting our assessment and examination, we will recommend any appropriate preventive care that may be needed.

    We'll also take time to answer any questions you may have regarding your pet to help ensure their health and longevity.

  • Do you make farm calls?

    Yes, we are able to make farm calls in cases where you are unable to transport your large animal to our facility, such as emergencies, reproductive health issues, hard health assessments, the inability to transport your animal due to size (such as with cattle) and more.

  • Can you assist with reproductive health needs?

    Yes. We are trained in identifying, monitoring and managing reproductive health needs both as part of our routine healthcare checkups for large animals and on an as-needed basis for pregnant animals.

  • Are you able to perform surgery?

    Yes, our vets are able to perform elective, non-elective, minor and some major surgeries for large animals in the Rock Springs area.

    These include:

    • Spays and Neuters
    • C-Sections
    • Wound Repair
    • Dentistry
    • And More
  • Will my animal need anesthesia? Is your staff trained to administer anesthesia to large animals?

    Your large animal's anesthetic needs will change based on its size, breed and the surgical procedure being performed. Your veterinarian is experienced in administering anesthetics for large animals.

    We can advise you how much your animal will need depending on its circumstances and will have you sign a consent form before administering any anesthetic. 

  • How long before I can have my animal return to its regular routine?

    Depending on your animal's specific circumstances surrounding a surgical procedure or health requirements, your veterinarian will advise when you can return your animal to its regular routine. 

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