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Veterinary Care for Horses

Veterinary Care for HorsesThe veterinary team at Mountainaire Animal Clinic offer equine veterinary care services and treatments for a whole host of health issues like lameness, internal medicine conditions, parasites and more in addition to routine preventive care.

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Equine Veterinary Services

The veterinarians at our animal hospital serving the Rock Springs area offer care for our horse patients with a focus on helping your horse achieve and maintain their optimal health and well-being. 

From treatment and prevention of lameness, exams and preventive care, equine dentistry, and more we have the services you need to keep your horse healthy.

At Mountainaire Animal Clinic, we are proud to be able to provide care for your prized equine companions, whether they are pets, show animals or breeders. Our staff is dedicated to our equine patients' needs so they can achieve their best health and best life.

Equine Veterinary Services in Rock Springs

Equine & Large Animal Vet in Rock Springs

Mountainaire Animal Clinic's veterinarians provide all of the equine veterinary services and treatments your animal needs to remain healthy, comfortable and happy. 

Whether you require wellness exams and vaccinations, advanced diagnostic imaging, lameness exams and round repair, surgical procedures or dentistry, our Rock Springs vets can provide the care and services your beloved horse needs.

Procedures & Treatments

Our equine trained vets at Mountainaire Animal Clinic provide a comprehensive range of services and treatments for hard-working horses and their proud owners including:

  • Equine Wellness Exams & Soundness Evaluations

    Equine Wellness Exams

    We provide routine checkups every six months for our equine patients. Your Rock Springs equine vet will ask you about the animal's past and recent medical history and whether you have any concerns about your horse's overall health.

    Equine nutrition will be discussed and a casual evaluation of your horse's weight and diet. Finally, any vaccinations or deworming required will be given.

    Soundness Evaluations

    We want to keep your horse healthy for life, which includes keeping your horse sound as much as possible. We want to reduce the overall impact when lameness occurs. This keeps you in the saddle longer and promotes improved wellness and comfort for your horse.  

    Each lameness case is different and how it is managed is determined by a number of factors. We spend the time evaluating your horse from head to toe to provide a comprehensive workup so we can diagnose your horse's lameness issue and start treatment quickly.

  • Equine Vaccinations & Parasite Prevention

    Parasite Prevention

    Our Rock Springs vets will examine your horse and put together an individualized vaccination and parasite control program specifically to meet your horse's needs.

    Some of the most common parasites seen in horses that we provide preventive treatments for include:

    • Small strongyles (cyathostomins)
    • Ascarids (Parascaris equorum)
    • Tapeworm
    • Large strongyles, or bloodworms
    • Bot flies
    • Filarids
    • Pinworms
    • Threadworms


    We also offer a rigorous vaccinations schedule for our equine patients to put a stop to health issues before they ever have the chance to develop. 

    We vaccinate our equine patients for the following diseases and conditions:

    • 5-way (Eastern & Western Encephalomelitis, Rhinopneaumonitis, Influenza, Tetanus Toxoid)
    • West Nile
    • Potomac Horse Fever
    • Rabies
    • Strangles

    We recommend that your horse start their course of vaccinations at about 1 month of age, with booster shots scheduled routinely to reinforce your equine companion's protection against these serious diseases.

    Please note, we offer a specialized vaccine schedule for pregnant mares. Please consult with our veterinarians if you are wanting to get your pregnant mare vaccinated

  • Surgery

    Below are some of the most common equine surgeries that our vets at Mountainaire Animal Clinic perform.

    • Dental
    • Minor Ocular
    • Castrations
    • Soft Tissue
  • Equine Internal Medicine

    There is a wide range of conditions that fall under the umbrella of equine internal medicine. This includes blood and lymphatic system infections or health issues, respiratory conditions, infectious diseases, GI tract issues and cardiac conditions.

    Internal medicine conditions could also affect the animal's liver, muscles, kidneys, bladder, or neurologic system.

    Our skilled team of vets utilizes a range of diagnostic technologies on-site thanks to our fully equipped mobile veterinary units. These units are equipped to provide our vets with the tools they need to offer a fast and accurate diagnose of your equine friend's internal health.

    Some of the technology we bring onsite include ultrasound technology and fiber optiscope.

  • Equine Dentistry

    Our equine friends can suffer from many dental disorders which can affect feed utilization, performance, and general well-being.

    Annual equine dental visits from your vet, including a thorough oral health examination and tooth floating (if necessary), help to ensure optimal dental health for your horse.

  • Equine Eye Care

    Our Rock Springs vets provide diagnosis and treatment for minor eye injuries and disorders seen in horses. Once we've assessed their needs we will recommend a course of treatment. 

    If your horse's condition or eye injury extends beyond our ability or expertise, we will refer you to a board-certified veterinarian and will work closely with them to ensure your horse get the care they need and deserve.

  • Equine Therapy

    Cold Laser Therapy

    We offer in-house cold laser therapy as a way of helping our patients relieve discomfort. Laser and LED beams of light can stimulate the cells in the body that repair tissue, reduce inflammation and transmit pain.

    Anti-inflammatory drugs do not heal, they can not be used before a competition and they often have side effects. This drug-free therapy for horses can stimulate healing, reduce inflammation and reduce pain.

Diagnostic Testing

Following a comprehensive physical examination, diagnostic tests may also be required in order to help your veterinarian to determine the exact cause of your horses health issues, from internal medicine conditions to lameness.

Lameness and other serious health issues are most effectively treated once the precise location and cause of your animal's problem has been established.

If your veterinarians has any cause for concern based on the results of their initial examination and assessment of your horse's health, they may recommend additional diagnostic tests and imaging, including ultrasounds and radiography, bloodwork, or tissue samples. 

Diagnostic Imaging

If your horse is suffering from an injury or lameness issue, your vet may recommend an ultrasound and/or digital radiograph to help them get a clear view of the issue in order to form an accurate diagnosis.

Thanks to our Rock Springs in-house diagnostic laboratory equipment, our vets can use advanced diagnostic imaging equipment to obtain the best possible image of your horse's skeletal or soft tissue issues.

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