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Specialty Veterinary Services

The veterinary team at Mountainaire Animal Clinic offers a range of specially designed services for large animals, horses and exotic pets like birds, reptiles and rodents to ensure these animals maintain their health and well-being.

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Our vets are proud to partner with you to provide preventive services, vaccinations and routine healthcare to keep your horse in excellent health.

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Large Animals

Find the highest quality care for large animals, from wellness exams to injury treatments, for cattle, goats, sheep and more.

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Avian & Exotic Pets

Find routine and surgical treatments of exotic pets, including reptiles, small mammals and birds at our veterinary clinic.

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  • Avian & Exotic Pets in Rock Springs

    Mountainaire Animal Clinic's veterinarians treat exotic pets from across the Rock Springs area, including reptiles, birds, small mammals and amphibians.  Request Appointment Quality Care for Birds, Reptiles & Small Mammals in Rock Springs We know that caring for your exotic pet needs special knowledge and experience. But ...
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  • Large Animals

    The veterinary team at our animal hospital serving the Rock Springs area is proud to be able to provide high-quality veterinary care for large animals, including sheep, goats and cattle including routine preventive care, injury treatment and surgical services. Request Appointment Quality Care for Large Animals As a large ani...
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  • Veterinary Care for Horses

    The veterinary team at Mountainaire Animal Clinic offer equine veterinary care services and treatments for a whole host of health issues like lameness, internal medicine conditions, parasites and more in addition to routine preventive care. Request Appointment Equine Veterinary Services The veterinarians at our animal hospital serving the [S...
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Our experienced vets are passionate about the health of Rock Springs cats and dogs. Get in touch today to request an appointment for your pet.

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